Who we are

We are top Cyber solutions provider

Who we are

We are top Cyber solutions provider

Provide all kind of it service

Solutions for all security

Most expert peoples

Global support for all

CCTV Solutions

Fire Alarm

BOOM barrier

Door Metal Detector

Video Door Phone


Digital Podium

Motion Detector

Access Control

We have 15 Years of Experience of any kind it solution

What We Do

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Fraud Detection & Prevention

Analyzing and protecting shopping applications, commercial & banking services from phishing and sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Multi Factor Authentication MFA

MFA Solution to protect and authenticate users.

Email Security Gateway

Email security Getaway Solution to protect email from phishing and scam emails.

VPN “Next Generation Remote Access”

Next Generation of Remote Access Solution for remote secure access for internal and sensitive systems.

Machine Learning Platform

Machine Learning to analyze inputs and produce outputs and decisions based on machine learning algorithms.

Email Archiver

Email Archiver Solution for secure real-time email archiving.

Data Risk Management & Governance

Data classification and governance system through risk management and managing data access.

(SIEM Solution) - Security Information and Event Management system for comprehensive

analysis of cyberattacks in real-time and quick search for security events.

Filecloud system

Filecloud system for managing secure access and file sharing internally and over the Internet.

NAC “Network Access Control”

(NAC Solution) Network Access Control system to manage access to the network (wired and wireless) and to provide interoperability standards.

(PAM) Privileged Access Management system

to manage access to infrastructure and network systems.

(WAF Solution) Web Application Firewall system

to protect websites and electronic services from sophisticated cyber-attacks as well as load distribution.

3S Special Smart Solution

Shoulders the responsibility of guarding safety of the world and empowering business enterprises to discover customer insights through its intelligent solutions. In this commitment. VIVOTEK develops smart technology with advanced content analysis and superior product capabilities to stay ahead of the business.


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